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PLANT HEALTH - Micro-Injection

MicroinectionMicro Injection is environmentally friendly! Injecting fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides directly into the sap stream of the tree, micro-injection utilizes the tree's own natural vascular system. There is no air, soil or groundwater contamination occurs--unlike other methods.

Rolly specializes in the delivery of premium arborist grade materials (fertilizers, soil amendments, innoculents, and micro nutrients, etc.) to the root zone (top 6" - 12" of soil) for deep root feeding of valuable trees.

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Apple Scab
Bronze Birch Borer
Dutch Elm Disease
Emerald Ash Borer
Oak Borer
Oak Wasp Gall
Oak Wilt

Some of the Products We Use...

Mauget Mico-Injection Technology Tree Tech Cambistat
TreeSource Tree Spade

Visit our 70 acre nursery on Giant City Road. 4 Miles South of University Mall in Carbondale. Our nursery includes shade trees and ornamental trees.

Call 618.534.7659 for an appointment or send an email to

6564 Giant City Road
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